Removable partial dentures world

One reality, many solutions

Removable partial dentures have always been the most functional, quick and non-invasive solution to replace missing teeth. When we talk about partial dentures we have a number of potential solutions available, each one suitable to satisfy different patients, either old or young.

That's why outstanding dental technicians need more and more opportunities to improve their removable partial dentures technique to overcome a traditional way of processing.

Flexibility as innovation

The most recent innovation in the removable partial dentures world is the use of thermoplastic materials as the best option to replace missing teeth. It represents the most innovative way to create removable partial dentures replacements in terms of procedure, aesthetics, comfort, longevity and cost.
It was long thought that removable partial dentures had to be rigid to be effective. Now flexibility has overcome this idea so that aesthetic clasps, partials, space maintainers, small restorations in general may have a new way of existing perfectly adapting with the natural contours of your mouth: extremely light, comfortable, metal free and natural looking.

The new instrument to make the innovation become real

To contribute and enlarge the working area of flexible partial dentures, nowadays dental technicians can count on a new and unique laboratory equipment: F16-E SYSTEM, a manual, practical and quick injection gun which is able to mold and inject thermoplastic material at the right temperature required by the type of material used.